YouTube Channel now live.

YouTube channel is now ready to be visited.

I am please to announce that my new YouTube channel is now live and can be visited.  Simply visit here!

Whilst it is only the intro video for the channel its still a brilliant start.

Why the making of a cup of tea throughout?  Watch until the end 😀

I have created this YouTube channel because I wanted to give back to the community all the information I have learnt to help you grow your business online.  A great deal of the work you need to do to increase your site is not difficult.  Its time consuming. I will be regularly uploading more and more content for you all to watch at your leisure.  Be sure to follow the channel and click on teh little bell to be notified when I upload more great information.

In due course I will be creating live streams for you to join.  Again these will be free, because information of this nature should be free. That way, any questions you have I can answer and help you.

Whilst it is only a minute long I am very pleased with it.  I used Pinnacles editing software which actually made life quite simple but I will be aiming to use Adobe Premier in the near future and after effects.  I really want to increase the quality of my content.  Let me know what you think in the comments of the video.  I am open to all suggestions and want to continue to improve and release excellent quality content.

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