Update WordPress Plugins

Update WordPress Plugins

Hey there,  I have just released a new video on YouTube to help those who are not sure on how to update their WordPress Plugins.  The golden rule when doing this is to ensure that you have taken a backup first.  Belt and braces always. 99% of the time it goes perfectly fine but there maybe that one time that you get an incompatible plugin with the version of WordPress you are using.


The video also shows you how to deal with it if it does go wrong. Do Not Panic.


Steps to complete updates:

  1. Backup your site with your chosen method. I have put a method in the video though if you are not sure.
  2. Update one plugin at a time. Do not do them all at once in case there is a problem with one of the plugins.
  3. After you have updated the plugin, test the site is still working correctly.  If it is not DO NOT panic.
    1. If the site is not working then log in via FTP to wp-content >> Plugins and rename the one that you just updated.  Then revisit your site and refresh the page.  The site should then come back up with the plugin that broke deactivated.  You can now go off to the plugin creator and see when they are releasing an update.
      Alternatively if you are not happy or you unsure how to use FTP then login to your hosting providers control panel and go into the file manager and click on the WP-Content folder and then Plugins.  In there you should be able to rename the broken plugin.

If the video above is not able to play in your browser, simply follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qylKk-eZfA8

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