Nominet Module WHMCS Problems

Hello to all my frustrated technicians who are currently Googling to find out why the nominet module is not working on their install of WHMCS.  I also have had this problem and have finally fixed it.  To celebrate I gave myself the option of a trip to a fast food chain or to write a blog. Luckily for you the blog won.  Sadly for my stomach it will keep grumbling.

I will jump straight to some areas for you to look at.  Part of it will be inside the nominet module.

  • One problem that can occur is that your server might be trying to communicate with Nominet via IPV6.  This can cause issues I was told by one of the brilliant staff at Nominet.  I ran the command on my server as follows:  tcpdump | grep “nominet”
  • Check that you have entered your Username in correctly.  This is NOT the email address you would use to login to nominet.  It is in fact your IPSTAG.
  • When you have entered in your IPSTAG, ensure you have used capital letters.  If you have not you will get a login error saying something along the lines of incorrect username and password.
  • Have you opened up port 700 on your server so that it can communicate with nominet?

A simple update by the wizards at WHMCS to change Username to IPSTAG and to use uppercase for the IPSTAG would help greatly as I am sure you will all agree. As I myself have lost a good hour or 10 trying to master the mysteries of WHMCS.  Dont get me wrong, I love WHMCS and would highly recommend it to people, but it does have  some funny quirks you have to iron out if you are new to it.

Although it was a short blog hopefully you will find it most useful.

Until next time.

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