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new websiteWell I have been thinking long and hard about building my company’s new website.  Should it be “old school” HTML where I can get it perfectly how I want it.  I can always create a back end for it, OR should it be using a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal.   There are many pros and cons to this.

There are many factors to take into account for this.  We are a web hosting company who needs integration into our suppliers software.  But I need a site that any member of the company can update should it need it.  With CMS’s like WordPress, they have great plugins like Yoast to help you with the SEO. If i code it all by hand I have to manually create all the SEO.

One disadvantage is if I create a template on one of the big CMS’s and there is an update to it, I could loose my site design and have to spend time bug fixing.  Where as if it is in HTML then I need not worry about that.  Of course it wont all be static as that would not be possible.  It would still need to include PHP and MySQL along with XML when communicating with the servers and setting up and registering domains and hosting packages.

Another advantage is that the HTML site would be distributed quicker to the net, although I know there are some caching engines built into WordPress that can do the same job.

One disadvantage is that a when you use open source CMS’s, you are using third party code and if you mix in lots of great plugins, then you are using even more third-party code and what if one of them is not programming correctly.  This could open me up to a great deal of danger and increase the chance of the site being compromised.

When designing a site, whether a small site or a large site, there are so many factors to take into account.  My next job will be to physically draw up a list of pros and cons, leave it a day then go back to it and check it again to see if I have missed anything.  The key is in the planning.

Put strong foundations in then the rest of the build will be easier.

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