MySQL Start Stop Hang

MySQL Start Stop Hang

Today we had an issue whilst logged into one of our Linux servers. MySQL Start Stop Hang.  The control Panel complained of a MySQL issue went offline yet MySQL and all other services carried on a normal.  We tried stopping the process manually and starting but it was literally just hanging.  We tried stopping all instances of it running but that didn’t work.  We were getting stop start errors.  Also the server seemed to run extremely slow although the load had only increased to about 4.0 to 6.0.

Commands tried:
service MySQL stop    <–Just hanged
service MySQL start   <–Just hanged
service MySQL restart   <–Just hanged

ps aux | grep mysql was one command we ran to try and see what was running.  Only the Daemon appeared in the logs.

We called the technicians who support the control panel and even they were baffled but what was happening.  They upgraded different parts of the MySQL and tested various commands.   In the end it turned out not to be related to MySQL directly.  Read below for the solution.

The /tmp/ folder had filled up and had not been clearing down so MySQL couldn’t read from it.

Solution in this instance to MySQL Start Stop Hang:
The /tmp/ folder was renamed and then recreated with the correct file permissions.

So we had quite a red herring and it turned out to be the /tmp/ directory in the end.  As soon as the solution was put in place the MySQL service restarted successfully.

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