Miscellaneous Week

Wow what an amazing week of miscellaneous work we have been up to.  On Monday through to Wednesday we spent rolling out new exchange servers to the existing network whilst back at the miscoffice we have our designer rebuilding our company website so that we can do more with it.  We would also like to welcome www.bettertransport.org.uk onto our network.


Microsoft Exchange

So it was time to upgrade our Microsoft Exchange network and what better way to do this was to roll out some HP servers bursting with Ram and Processors connected up to a Dell Equalogic.  After plenty of planning on the Microsoft Technet website and lots of video watching at CBT Nuggets and research we started off on our journey into the world of the Microsoft Exchange mysteries.  This install was straight forward,  We were bolting onto our existing setup which makes for an easier life.  Short of some testing we are almost there with 4 additional exchange servers.  The DAG is almost complete as well.  The edge servers will come shortly to deal with SPAM.


1stdomains.co.uk Website rebuild

Do not get me wrong, I really do like WordPress, it is fantastic for hundreds of reasons, but sadly for our needs it is far too restricting and limiting.  We were feeling a little strangled using it in our profession for taking orders and setting them up on the Plesk servers.  So we have started from scratch and have used Adobe Dreamweaver which will now allow us more flexibility and give us a more fluid site.  We will not need to use third party software as we will code our own.

No annoying breaks in the site if we were to upgrade the WordPress as it will no longer be used. One of my skills is SEO so it wont be long until its rocketing high in the search engines.  We are also aiming to build the site without Javascript.  Just HTML, MySQL, CSS, PHP and XML.  By moving away from a third party CMS we will create a much faster and lighter site giving the user a far better experience.


Better TransportMiscellaneous

Finally I would like to welcome Better Transport onto our network.   Its a brilliant site and I highly recommend visiting it.  www.bettertransport.org.uk

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