Horse and Groom Paranormal Talk

Horse and Groom Paranormal Talk

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who attended the Braintree moot last night for the Horse and Groom Paranormal Talk.  What a fantastic group of people creating a wonderful atmosphere. Horse and Groom Paranormal TalkI would also like to thank everyone for their kinds words afterwards as well.  Being that it was my first talk I was surprised it went so smoothly, it was great to hear so many people had enjoyed it.  Thank you!

For those who would like to see the evidence again, I have included it below.   The only  thing I ask is that if you want to use any of the footage or sound, that you consult with myself or Donna from Ghost search UK first.  My contact details can be found here.



The above video was footage above was captured when I was with Ghost Search UK at Biggin Hill Airport.  The night was completely dead, excuse the pun, until I suggested we try playing some Dame Vera Lynn, “We’ll Meet Again”.  We instantly started seeing orbs come down the corridor of the female RAF Quarters towards us.


  •     Do You like women Barnabus....... Whispers Yes
  •     French Guest asks spirit a question in French and receives an answer back in French
  •     Table Wrapping - Spirit replies "no" before three taps can be heard

If you have any questions with regards to the talk last night or any evidence, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Once again, thank you for coming to see my talk.


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