Gmail in Outlook issue

Gmail in Outlook issue


Ok, hands up who has the “Gmail in Outlook Issue”?  How many of you have been battling with getting your gmail account setup with your copy of Microsoft office?  Lots of you I bet.  How do I know?  Well I was having the same problem and after spending a day of sorting through forums and forums of information I came across that sacred golden nugget of information buried deep within the mine that is the Internet.

No doubt you have logged into your gmail account, clicked on the little cog in the top right, enabled IMAP under the forwarding and IMap tab.  (I also enabled POP).  Hopefully you also enabled “less secure apps access your account”.  If you try this solution, you as well as 100s of other people with wonder why on earth Gmail have supplied the wrong information.



Change the incoming server to: instead of  As long as the account type is still IMAP, it should all be ok.

Also see below images to compare settings.

Under more settings you will be presented with a tabbed box.  Click on tab 2 (Outgoing Server), and tick the tickbox and ensure option 1 is selected.

Gmail in Outlook issue

The replicate the settings at the top of tab 3 (Advanced).

Gmail in Outlook issue

Hopefully this little article / post will help you get your email working so you can use the convenience of your Microsoft Outlook. I can’t see why this fix wont work across all versions of Microsoft Outlooks out there.  Feel free to let me know how you got on with your fix or if you have another method that helped you.  Click here to message me.

For other suggestions if the above does not work for you, visit below

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