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Ghost Hunting lecture well under way!

ghost huntingWell, I have been asked to give a talk on my days when I was a ghost hunter to a fantastic community of people.  Naturally I was flattered when they wanted me to give a talk and hear me rambling on so immediately started trying to think about how I can make it different  and more interesting from the normal discussions that take place where the ghost hunter would show their evidence that they had recorded. So after a long sit down and think I decided to give my talk on the science that is involved behind the ghost hunting I undertook,  how I made the equipment and the results that were recorded.

I will also include some of the EVPs we recorded from the various locations.  I am not trying to convert anyone or prove anything to anyone.  I want to just show the evidence we recorded and allow people to make up their own minds.  Below is a some video from our Biggin Hill investigation from when I was a member of Ghost Search UK.  Since moving to Essex I have had to leave that team but am currently in the process of getting another group together with lots of plans of evidence gathering and experiments.



For further information contact me here.  Another great location to visit for further information is the SPR website

If you have an experience or experiment you wish to share, let me know.  I would be more than happy to publish it on the site, or if you a location that needs investigation feel free to message me to discuss.  Visit back over the next couple of days as I will put up here my PowerPoint presentation of the talk as well as a recorded version of the talk up here.


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