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Games Workshop – I’m hooked again!

games workshopMany moons ago when I was a lad, *coughs*, 20 years ago I was introduced to a game called Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop.  I was instantly hooked  and drawn into all areas of this magical world. Initially with space Orcs.  I would spend hours putting them together and painting them badly.  But it didn’t matter, it was a type of fun that children now days just don’t get or understand because they are so wrapped up in their non tangible digital worlds with nothing at the end of it.  I don’t want my little boy to succumb to that type of world.  I want him to walk and run around with his head up, not glued to a screen.  So I took him along and it was a wonderful experience to see his face light up as we walked around the Games Workshop in Chelmsford, Essex.  He was full of questions about the different army’s you could buy. He watched the battles being played out on the  tables between grown men and children.  He saw dads and their children sat at model making tables making and painting their figures.


After lots of wandering around the shop, we bought our first starter set called Dark Vengeance.  We now owned two armies.  The chaos Space Marines and Space Marines.  Both of us couldn’t wait Dark Vengeanceto get home to open the box and explore through everything that came with it. I must admitted I did cheat a little bit with priming them.  I hung up the frames of figures and sprayed them with a model makers primer.  It saved a great deal of time and gives a great smooth even coat over the figures / parts.

Over the coming weeks I will regularly post updates and pictures of how we are getting on with our Warhammer journey.  Michael and me are open to everyone’s suggestions and advice as although I used to do this many moons ago, I am still new to it.  Thank you for reading and keep coming back.

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