eBay shop live

eBay shop now live!

That’s right, I am pleased to announce we have an eBay shop now. I have been playing around with various plugins and software to link my sites together. So far to link WordPress to eBay and several other marketplaces, the best plugin we have found it Codisto Linq. I like the plugin very much. easy to use. great features and the support is brilliant. The bit I don’ enjoy much is the price of the basic monthly subscription. Whilst I appreciate building this software is not cheap and ongoing maintenance, its still quite a lot for a new shop initially. I believe the basic package is $29 PCM. Also you have your listing fees, selling fees postage etc so you need to be selling some products with great markup to make having an online shop profitably. I will be sticking with Codisto for now as there are a few things I want to try with it. you have to “be in it to win it”. Also online shops can take a while to get established without large budgets. I do not have a large budget. Just lots of stock that need to be uploaded.

I have a large stock of engineering fixings I am in the process of moving which are perfect for PCBs through to Model Engineering.  The fixings stock I have consist of 95% of the stock being cut thread.  They are from Switzerland and are of a very high grade.



Alternatively, you can click on shop above and order from here.

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